Best Toys For German Shepherd

Best Toys For German Shepherds

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With so many different shapes, sizes and types of dog toys to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Believe me, I know!

Throw in the idea of buying for a specific breed and things might just become all the more perplexing. I love dogs, love the gear that’s out there for them and love treating my own dog to toys and treat. What I don’t love is finding out shortly after that what I bought was complete garbage!

Which is why I’ve pulled together a small sample selection of the best toys for German shepherd dogs on the market right now – all tried, tested and approved! So if you’re out to pick up a toy for your German shepherd that’s safe, healthy and guarantees hours of fun, you won’t go far wrong with any of the following:

Best German Shepherd Toy for Teeth-Cleaning

Healthy Teeth Interactive Dog Toy Chew Red Toothbrush Alternative All Natural Brushing Bouncy Rubber Ball for Dogs Massage Teeth Gums

First up, like many of the best German shepherd toys out there, this interactive dog chew also gets to work cleaning your dog’s teeth. It’s been specially designed to act as something of a natural toothbrush while in use, massaging the gums and reducing the risk of plaque, tartar and mouth infections. The football shape is great for unpredictable bouncing, while the cavity in the middle can be stuffed with treats if you’d like to throw in an extra reward. If you dog’s anything like mine, the occasional incentive goes a long way!


The size of the thing is pretty much perfect for adult German shepherds, while the durability guarantees it won’t fall apart after a few uses. It’s bright-colored, does a great job helping clean your dog’s teeth and is made from 100% non-toxic materials.


The only slight con being that as is the case with most rugger dog toys, it does tend to have a bit of an odd smell when brand-new. Still, your dog’s mouth will usually take care of this in no time at all!

Best German Shepherd Toy for Training

The Nero Ball – Rubber Dog Ball Launcher

As for the Nero Ball, this is a toy designed for everyday chewing purposes and to inspire exercise. Or should that be, exercise while minimizing exertion for owners…a winner as far as I’m concerned! The rope makes it easier to thrown the ball way further than you ever would, which for the record is the perfect shape, size and weight for German shepherds. Better yet, this is the most commonly-used training ball used by K9 and military dog teams all over the world. So if it’s good enough for them, chances are it’s good enough for you!


The most outstanding quality materials and the pedigree of a toy used by crack K9 training teams all over the world. Which means it’s just as good as a toy for your dog to enjoy as it is a training tool. Durability is great, it’s completely non-toxic and the whole thing is built to last.


The only real downside is the way in which the rope part of the toy is not designed to serve as a chew toy for your dog. Which means that if you want to leave him to chew on it unsupervised, you first need to remove the rope.

Best Non-Rubber Non-Plastic German Shepherd Toy

Didog Jute Bite Tug Toy with 2 Handles for Training

For those looking for an alternative to the usual rubber toys for German shepherds, this Didog Jute Bite Tug Toy ticks all the right boxes. The soft batting material is not only kind to your dog’s teeth and gums, but also surprisingly durable and hard-wearing. This is another toy commonly used for training police dogs and is suitable for puppies and adults alike. Best of all, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee…always a plus point if you ask me.


The Didog Jute Bite Tug Toy is a great buy for a low price, especially when considering its quality and the provision of a money-back guarantee. It’s extremely comfortable to hold and for tugging on with your dog and is great for both bonding and building discipline.


As is the case with all dog toys that aren’t made from rubber or plastic, the only real problem with the Didog Jute Bite Tug Toy is that it can be tricky to keep clean and fresh. Not that this will bother your dog, of course!

Best Rugged German Shepherd Toy

KONG Dental Dog Toy

If you know Kong, you’ll know that this is a brand that doesn’t mess about when it comes to quality. Since going into business, Kong has specialized in toys designed to withstand the kind of punishment that would seem most toys destroyed in seconds! I’ve relied on these guys for years and they’ve honestly never let me down. The Kong Dental Dog Toy is no different; manufactured using the most rugged and durable materials imaginable. Along with representing a great everyday toy, it also features a unique grooved design to help clean teeth while being chewed. You can also add a little treat paste into the grooves for a bit of extra enjoyment!


You know what you’re getting with a German shepherd toy from Kong – durability you can rely on. But the Kong Dental Dog Toy goes a step further than some by actively helping clean your dog’s teeth, which is something all dogs can benefit from. Months or even years of use for a low price.


For some reason, the large version is often more expensive than the extra-large version, which doesn’t make sense…and it annoys me. Other than this, you’d be hard-pressed to find fault with it.

Most Entertaining German Shepherd Toy

KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

Last up…and sticking with the same well-known brand…this Jumbler Ball Dog Toy is effectively multiple toys in one. Take a tennis ball, coat it in the most durable thermoplastic imaginable and add throw a squeaker into the equation. What you have is the kind of toy your dog is 100% guaranteed to love. Seriously – these guys offer money-back guarantees with just about everything they sell!


Three-times the fun for one low price, all from a brand with a reputation for delivering the goods in a big way. Plus the addition of handles is great for getting right in there and joining the action yourself! Bright, tough and guaranteed to please.


If you have a particularly strong and crazy dog, bear in mind that the Jumbler Ball Dog Toy is certainly NOT indestructible. If this is the case, go for something a little more solid.

As an Amazon Associate, BestThisForThat earns from qualifying purchases.

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